Super Bowl XVIII Most-Watched TV Program In History

The Super Bowl scored record-breaking ratings. Meanwhile, the Seahawks say they had a secret weapon that led them to victory. INSIDE EDITION has more.

The numbers are in and they are huge.

Sunday's Super Bowl was the most-watched TV program ever, and we mean in the history of U.S. television, where 112 million people tuned in for the lop-sided victory by the Seahawks. The massive TV audience beats out the previous record-holder, the 2011 Super Bowl.

Stephen Battaglio of TV Guide told INSIDE EDITION, "It's become a national television holiday. It's almost like the game is secondary. It's the parties. It's the commercials. It's a time for people to get together and have fun."

The Bruno Mars halftime show even beat out Beyoncé's from last year, and Madonna's from 2012.

And now comes word that the Seahawks may have had a secret weapon. They cracked the code Peyton Manning used to call plays during the game. That means the Seahawks had a tremendous advantage and were able to predict Manning's moves ahead of time.

"We figured out the hand signals," cornerback Richard Sherman said. The Stanford-educted player   said he and his team played the Super Bowl like chess, not checkers.

The Seahawks returned home to Seattle triumphant. Thousands turned out at the airport to greet their heroes.

Winning quarterback Russel Wilson is the man of the hour. First, he taped Late Night With David Letterman. Then, he scored courtside seats next to Beyoncé and Jay Z at the Brooklyn Nets game.

Welcome to the big time, Russ.