Woody Allen's Son Proclaims Father's Innocence

Woody Allen's son, Moses is coming to his father's defense denouncing allegations that the filmmaker molested his daughter. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

One of Woody Allen’s children says he's innocent of those shocking claims that the famed director is a child molester.

Moses Farrow is the 36-year-old brother of Dylan, who claims she was molested by Woody Allen when she was seven.

In the latest issue of People magazine, on newstands Friday, Moses said: "Of course Woody did not molest my sister. My mother succeeded in creating an atmosphere of fear and hate towards him. I don't know if my sister really believes she was molested or is trying to please her mother."

Julie Dam, assistant editor of People told INSIDE EDITION, "Moses says that Dylan as a child actually loved Woody. She did not hide from him in any way. She loved spending time with him. They had a great relationship."

Dylan, now 28, who reignited the scandal this week responded to her brother's claims saying, "My mother never coached me. She never planted false memories in my brain. My memories are the truth."

Mia Farrow, back in 1992 denied that she coached Dylan to claim she was molested. Reporter Rosanna Scotto interviewed Mia just minutes after she won her bitter custody battle with Woody Allen.

Hear More From Scotto On Her Mia Farrow Interview

Scotto asked Mia, “Did you coach Dylan into making up the accusations of sexual abuse?”

“Of course not. No,” replied Mia.

Scotto told INSIDE EDITION, “I don't want to be the judge of whether Mia Farrow was telling the truth. Our job is to put it out there and you be the judge! But she's certainly a woman of her convictions.”