Jay Leno Tapes His Final 'Tonight Show'

INSIDE EDITION has the details on Jay Leno's final episode hosting The Tonight Show and looks back on some of his memorable moments.

Jay Leno signed an autograph for a fan as he arrived to the taping of his very last Tonight Show.  What a show it promises to be.

Oprah Winfrey told INSIDE EDITION, “I’m on it! Yeah, it's a surprise!"

Oprah spilled the beans about appearing on the finale. She has this advice for Leno after he says good night for the last time on Thursday night, "It takes a moment to step back and say, ‘Okay, the show isn't my life. What is my life without the show?’"

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Leno’s scheduled final guests are Garth Brooks and Billy Crystal, who was Leno’s very first Tonight Show guest back in 1992.

Leno's departure isn't getting the fanfare Johnny Carson received when he signed off for the last time in 1992. Carson delivered a very emotional goodbye. Leno is not known for showing his feelings.

USC Annenberg journalism professor Mary Murphy told INSIDE EDITION, "The way Jay is wrapping up The Tonight Show is in synch with who Jay really is. He is a guy who is embarrassed by emotion."

Leno’s second-to-last show was a doozy, starting with a huge standing ovation, followed by one of the many jokes he's been making about his employer, NBC. He joked, "Where were you people when I was negotiating my contract? Where were you then?"

Talk about surprise guests, Mickey Rooney was sitting right up front in the audience.

Leno said, "93 years old, I am so glad you came to see me! Mr. Mickey Rooney, right there!" The 93-year-old Hollywood legend smiled and waved.

Sandra Bullock fought back tears as she thanked Leno for treating her so well over the years, saying, "You've always been so kind."

Meanwhile, there are some staggering statistics about Leno’s opening monologues. Former President Bill Clinton was his No. 1 target, with a total of 4,607 jokes!

Dr. Robert Lichter of Center for Media and Public Affairs from George Mason University said, "Over one out of ten jokes Jay Leno has told on The Tonight Show are about Bill Clinton."

President George W. Bush is second on Leno’s joke parade with 3,239.

Al Gore is third with 1,026 jokes, followed closely by President Obama, who is the target of 1,011 zingers.

Hillary Clinton checks in at No. 5, followed by O.J. Simpson, Dick Cheney, Michael Jackson, Monica Lewinsky and at No. 10 Bob Dole.

Leno told a fan he won't be back, when asked, "Will you be back if they call you?"

Leno replied, "No I won't be back."

The joke man also made this joke about his own future, after The Tonight Show, "Once I leave this, I'll be doing modern interpretive dance."