Bob Costas Eye Infection Takes Him Out Of Olympic Chair

INSIDE EDITION reports on the status of Bob Costas' eye infection that has gotten so bad, he's out of the Olympic chair.

Things have gone from bad to worse for NBC Olympics host Bob Costas. His nasty pink eye infection has now spread to both eyes, which are so red and swollen that Matt Lauer will temporarily replace him as the network's Primetime host.

Lauer said, "We saw him at breakfast this morning over in the hotel and you've got to feel for the guy."  

His eyes are so inflamed that Costas didn't even appear on camera, breaking the news on the show with a live phone call.

Lauer  said, "So, I'm going to step in for you tonight, the master of Olympic Primetime?"

Costas replied, "I believe that's it, and let's hope it's only tonight."

So, what's going on with Costas's eyes? INSIDE EDITION spoke to Dr. Jim Sears from TV's The Doctors, a pediatrician who's treated many cases of pink eye in children.  

Dr. Sears said, "It looks like it's a virus, which no antibiotics help with that. It's really just time. The bad news is that it's going to last a week or two. He might have this all the way to the closing ceremony."

Costas is getting sympathy from fellow pink eye sufferers on YouTube. One man posted a video saying, "I look like Bob Costas with this stupid eye thing."

Another man, Zennie Abraham, posted a video saying, "I'll tell you what's wrong with Bob Costas' eye. It's obvious he was wearing his contact lenses at night too long. Why do I say that? Because that's exactly what I've done."