Fiancé of Julia Roberts' Half-Sister Makes Statement

John Dilbeck, fiancé of Julia Roberts' half-sister tells INSIDE EDITION that Nancy Motes longed for a closer relationship with her family.

We're hearing from the heartbroken fiancé of Julia Roberts' tortured half-sister, Nancy Motes, who committed suicide by an apparent drug overdose.

"We loved her dearly and will miss her always," John Dilbeck says in a statement to INSIDE EDITION.

Motes lived in a Santa Monica apartment and was estranged from her big sister, at one point tweeting: "Just so you all know "America's Sweetheart" is a bitch!!"

But today, her fiancé sent out a peace signal to the Oscar nominee, saying: "Please know that the words she wrote...were those of someone in pain who loved her family and longed for a closer bond with them."