Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie Is Having Another Child

The man who made headlines a few years ago for having a baby is having another child. Only this time, it's his girlfriend who's having the baby.  INSIDE EDITION spoke exclusively with the couple.

Amber Nicholas is the woman in love with the pregnant man and they're having a baby! Only INSIDE EDITION is sitting down with the expectant parents.

Thomas Beatie was born a female and had surgery to become a man but kept his female reproductive organs. In 2008, he made international headlines after becoming the first man ever to give birth. He went on to have three children with his then wife, Nancy, before they separated.

He met Amber Nicholas at his children's daycare center in Phoenix where she worked.

She said, “I had heard of Thomas being the pregnant man. I didn’t plan on being in a relationship. I didn't plan on falling in love with the pregnant man, but I did.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Victoria Recano asked, “Did you have any hesitation about getting pregnant by the man known as the first pregnant man?”

She said, “Having second thoughts about who I am having my baby with? No, I’m proud.”

They say they fell in love on their first date and quickly decided they wanted to add to their family with their own baby. But how they conceived is something that will surprise you. Beatie underwent fertility treatments. It was Beatie, the man, whose eggs were harvested, so they could be fertilized with donor sperm and implanted in Nicholas.

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He said, “I am able to still produce eggs. I had to go off of my testosterone and I was off for about a year and it took about six months to harvest them.”

They decided to use his eggs rather than Nicolas' because at age 43 she's three years older than him and they felt his eggs would be more viable. Now, Nicholas is 12 weeks pregnant.

Recano asked, “Have you been criticized about your decision in regards to the person you want to be with?"

Nicholas said, “I think that there are people who feel negatively, sometimes they don't always say it to my face sometimes I have to read it which is unfortunate. I have lost friends.”

Recano asked, “What for you Thomas, is the most upsetting and hurtful things that you have to deal with?”

He said, “Having the kids come back home hearing from other children saying 'You don't have a daddy.' That really hurt.”
Now, the famous pregnant man wants everyone to know that all he wants to be is a good dad.

He said, ‘All that matters is love and showing  unconditional love for your children.”