Former 'Friends' Star Amidst Bitter Court Battle Against Manager

Friends star Lisa Kudrow is in court fighting a former manager who says she owes him more than million-and-a-half dollars. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Is Lisa Kudrow acting dumb in court?

“I’m having trouble following, can you ask the question again?” she said to in court.

That's what some court observers said Friday after the actress's testimony reminded many of Phoebe, the kooky blonde she played on Friends.

Despite playing a ditzy character on the legendary TV show, Lisa Kudrow is actually quite intelligent. She has a degree in biology from Vassar College but on the stand, at times, she seemed dazed and confused.

Kudrow is being sued by her former manager, Scott Howard, who says she owes him $1.7 million. His attorney was clearly frustrated by Kudrow's testimony.

Howard’s attorney asked Kudrow, “You really in real life bear no relationship to the character Phoebe, right?

“You mean like right now? I don’t know,” laughed Kudrow.

Later, Howard’s attorney told INSIDE EDITION, “She was pretending to be dumb during cross examination and pretending to know a lot less than she really knows so I decided to call her out on it to get her to stop acting dumb.”

The trial is exposing Lisa Kudrow’s most private financial records. When she was first hired for Friends she was an unknown, and her contract was $13,500 an episode, making her the lowest paid cast member.

She said the actors got together and negotiated a pay raise as a united team. In the final season, Kudrow and her fellow stars each made more than $1 million per episode!

She fired Howard when the show ended its run in 2004, but according to a graph shown in court, she continued to make millions in the years after from re-runs. All in all, she has apparently raked in a whopping $120 million from Friends.

Howard’s attorney said, “She's doing a little bit of acting from the podium, which I think is normal because she owes $1.7 million and doesn’t want to pay it.”