Abby Sunderland's Parents Under Fire

Did Abby Sunderland's father push her to sail around the world solo before she was ready? Some reports say the teenager was pressured because her father was shopping a reality show. INSIDE EDITION has more.

There's more heat over the teenager rescued on the high seas. Abby Sunderland's parents are coming under fire for allegedly pushing their daughter to make the solo voyage around the globe.

The New York Post's headline blares "Kid for Sail" and reveals that Abby's dad, Lawrence Sunderland, is "broke" and signed on to do a reality show about his adventurous family.

He is now being compared to Richard Heene, the mastermind of the now-infamous Balloon Boy hoax.  

Sunderland, who's spent months pitching the series titled Adventures in Sunderland, insists Abby's trip wasn't a stunt and says the reality show was "the last thing on my mind."

"It wasn't a flippant decision to allow her to go out onto the ocean. What this is about is a young lady who has a great skill on the ocean and a passion for blue water sailing," Sunderland told reporters during a press conference.

"I think he loves being in the limelight," Ted Colorosa told INSIDE EDITION.
Colorosa, a videographer who documented Abby's preparation for her dangerous sailing journey, says her dad rushed her out to sea without the proper precautions.

"He rushed her out and he was more concerned with her getting the record and sponsorship money coming in the further along she got, and was basically risking her life."

Colorosa said he pulled out of the project because he was worried about Abby's safety.

"After what I saw, I felt that it was more likely that something harmful would happen to her rather than her completing the voyage," he said.