A Green Room, Fashion Advice, And Rain Gear Up For Oscar Night

INSIDE EDITION has the latest on the Oscars, from the threat of torrential rain, to fashion strategy to the celeb green room.

Phase one of the record breaking storms headed for Los Angeles and the Oscars hit last night, sending a tractor-trailer skidding on the freeway and causing smash ups everywhere.

Sandbags are being filled around homes where it's feared up to six inches of rain could lead to flooding.

It's sunny now, but it's the calm before the bigger storm expected to hit before the Oscars, and there are plenty of preparations still underway to keep the stars dry. They're putting up plastic sheeting overhead of the red carpet, and they're even putting up tents so the fans don't get drenched

George Kotsiopoulos, co-host of E!'s Fashion Police and author of Glamorous By George says the big names aren't going to let foul weather affect their fashion choices. 

Kotsiopoulos told INSIDE EDITION, "It's a really big night for them. If you fall in love with your gown, you're going to not wear because of a little rain."

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INSIDE EDITION also got a sneak peak inside the green room where presenters like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will hang out before they take the stage. 

For stars who really want to get away, they can escape to what looks like an outdoor garden, but is actually inside, backstage at the Dolby Theatre.

Get a Good Look Inside the Oscar Green Room

David Rockwell of Architectural Digest told INSIDE EDITION, "We're nine steps away from the highest pressure point everyone in this room is going to have. So, I thought if we could make this a retreat and create a room where, for a few moments, these celebrities and stars who are under enormous pressure can connect."

And we're learning that Best Actress nominee Sandra Bullock stands to make a fortune from Gravity—as much as $70 million. [Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

The reason Bullock's getting such a huge payday is her deal gave her 15% of the movie studio's box office earnings.