Charlie Sheen's Second Cliffhanger

Charlie Sheen's car goes off a cliff, again! It's the second time in 6 months that the actor's car has been found at the bottom of a ravine. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.  

It's happened again. Charlie Sheen's car goes over a cliff.

Just before daybreak, Los Angeles firefighters pulled up Sheen's silver Mercedes from the ravine. The smash-up shattered the driver's window.

A neighbor believes the culprits used his driveway as a ramp to push the car down the hill. When cops woke Sheen up to tell him his car was gone, he reportedly told them he left his keys in the ignition.

It happened in the exact same spot where his car went over the cliff before

You'll recall that last February, Sheen's car was found 300 feet down the same ravine. And like today, Sheen said he left his keys in the car.

Cops towed Sheen's car to a police lot to fingerprint it to try to solve the mystery how this could happen twice to the same guy.