Outrage That 'Upskirting' Is Legal In Massachusetts

Women are reacting to the news that Massachusetts legislation says it is legal for someone to take photos up their skirts. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Women are reacting to the stunning news that "upskirting,” the practice of shooting pictures under a woman's skirt has been declared legal in the state of Massachusetts.

On Good Morning America, Robin Roberts said, "Now, a shocking decision from Massachusetts' highest court."

On CBS This Morning, Gayle King said, "Does it ever frustrate you that the letter of the law does not have common sense?"

One woman told INSIDE EDITION, "I am shocked. Completely shocked that it legal."

Another said, "You should not be allowed to do that!"

Michael Robertson had been arrested for violating the Peeping Tom law by taking "upskirting" photos of women on the Boston trolley system. But the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the Peeping Tom law "...does not apply to photography (or videotaping or electronically surveilling) persons who are fully clothed."

CBS News analyst Rikki Klieman told INSIDE EDITION, "This law was before cell phones, before iPads, and before the ability for people to snap pictures 24/7 wherever they were."

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Upskirting is a threat to women everywhere. In 2005, a man was caught upskirting in a clothing store. He later pleaded guilty to felony invasion of privacy. But had he done this in Massachusetts today, he would not have been found guilty of a crime.

Another man apparently pretended to pet a woman's dog while secretly taking upskirt photos. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation. The woman he took photos of told INSIDE EDITION, "Where is my image? Is it online? Is he using it in his private time? I'm so violated!"

Legal experts believe the controversial upskirting ruling won't last long.

Klieman said, "Now is the time for the legislator to not have an open season on women and their private parts. So, the legislator needs to go back right away and fix this loophole."