Shocking Gary Coleman 911 Tape

INSIDE EDITION has the just-released 911 call made by Gary Coleman's former wife Shannon Price in January, showing insight into their turbulent lives at home.

Caller: "He's crazy. He has problems."

A new dramatic 911 call from inside Gary Coleman's house has just surfaced!

911 Operator: "What's his name?"

Caller: "Gary Coleman."

Coleman's ex- wife, Shannon Price, made the call in January.  It was four months before the actor's death and gives a troubling insight into the couple's turbulent home.

911 Operator: "What's the problem, ma'am?"

Caller: "Well, my husband freaked out last night, called the cops.  They were going to arrest him, but they didn't.  He's freaking out again, hitting his head on the wall, knocked the fan over. You know, he's just being crazy again."

911 Operator: "Is he suicidal?"

Caller: "Yeah, he's suicidal.  But, I just don't know what his problem is."

Price told the 911 operator she wants to keep her distance from Coleman.

911 Operator: "Does he look injured?"

Caller: "I don't know. I'm not going to touch him. Cause the last time I tried to help him he came after me.  I'm trying to straighten my life out. I'm trying to help him, because, you know, he has so many medical problems.  And, you know, I thought it would be kind of mean if I just left, you know, because he would just die."

Caller: "I have a friend over here, you know, and he's like humiliating me in front of my friend. And, it's just (bleep)".

During the call, Price portrayed Coleman as a loose cannon.  

911 Operator: "What was he doing last night?"

Caller: "Same thing.  Freaked out on me, you know, threw the heater, threw the fan down.  He's like, 'I'm just gonna go commit myself.'  I said, 'Then why don't you go call the ambulance to come get you.'"

Caller: And, he was telling the officer last night, he's like, 'If I just come at you just shoot me.'  Like, he's crazy. He's crazy. He has problems."

There's new courtroom drama for Shannon Price.  She was mobbed by cameras arriving at a Utah courthouse to take part in the battle over Coleman's estate.

The judge made it clear that he wants Gary Coleman cremated within hours in accordance with the late actor's wishes.  But, the battle over his estate could take weeks or even months, shaping up to be a fight between his former business partner and former wife.

The judge delayed Coleman's cremation by 48 hours so his former manager and ex-girlfriend, Anna Gray, could pay final respects to the body.  Gray claims she has a 2005 will of Coleman's, which names her as the sole beneficiary. 

Shannon was silent leaving court in dark sunglasses.  INSIDE EDITION spoke with her brother Shawn about how Shannon is dealing with criticism for allegedly selling those shocking photos of Coleman on his death bed.

"She didn't take the photo, you know I know personally.  It's kind of hard so I am trying to keep her away from that...But you have to know Shannon, she loves taking photos.  She just wanted a memory of Gary."

Shannon Price denies selling the photo.