California Drought Triggers New Gold Rush

The record drought in California is uncovering what could be a new Gold Rush as receding water levels are revealing that gold is still in those hills! INSIDE EDITION went prospecting.

There's gold in them thar hills. California's record drought is allowing gold hunters to reach those hidden riches like never before.

Kevin Hoagland of Gold Prospectors Association of America is among many cashing in on the new gold rush in the hills outside Los Angeles.

INSIDE EDITION's Victoria Recano asked, "So we just might find gold?"

"If we don't, it's because you didnt look," replied Hoagland.

Before the drought, the land was covered in water, making it next to impossible to reach crevices where gold could be hiding. But now that there's easy access, Recano uncovered a fleck of gold sitting right under a rock, so she dug deeper.

"It seems like there's a few more specks," she noticed.

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They dumped the newly dug up dirt into a sluice box which uses water pressure to separate fine gold from dirt and rock. Then they check out our haul.

Recano noticed, "There's a few pieces of gold."

"There's a lot of gold," said Hoagland.

They struck gold in under an hour! And they aren't the only ones. Jack Barber was out panning for gold and he also found an impressive nugget, noting, "Probably worth about $25 to $30."

A husband and wife team from Northern California have also caught gold fever. The husband said, "Tje river is so small that we could get into an area that we couldn't get to where we wanted before."
So how much was Recano's take? Hoadland said, "Dollar wise? About three dollars worth, so far."

But it's nuggets like some worth about $20,000 that were found nearby that will surely keep this new gold rush going strong.