L'Wren Scott Reportedly Broken Hearted Over Mick Jagger

The fashion designer reportedly told a friend Mick Jagger had broken her heart. INSIDE EDITION has emerging details on L'Wren Scott's troubles.

We're learning new details today about what may have led Mick Jagger's girlfriend, L'Wren Scott to take her own life.

She spent the week before her suicide alone at Jagger's beachfront villa on the Caribbean island of Mystique.

People magazine Senior Style Editor Bronwyn Barnes told INSIDE EDITION, "There have been reports that in recent months she had been withdrawn and had not been as accessible as she usually was."

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She reportedly told a friend that Jagger had "broken her heart" with his cheating ways over the years. He had dumped her numerous times, only to reconcile.

Jagger and L'Wren had dated for 13 years. She was 6-foot-3, but with heels she stood 6-foot-7 and towered over the rock star. At public events, he would take a step higher to make himself appear as tall as L'Wren.

Stylist Phillip Block told INSIDE EDITION, "Mick was very supportive of her and took pride in her having this business."

The rocker, who generously poured millions into her clothing company to keep it afloat, is said to be inconsolable today, so distraught he can barely speak. His Rolling Stones band mate Charlie Watts was quoted as saying, "He's not really well. It was such a shock."

L'Wren's friend, former New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn is revealing that L'Wren was planning to announce the closure of her failing company today.

"I learned that she was planning to close her business, with an annoucement on Wednesday," Horyn said.

The night before she died, Horyn says that L'Wren was with friends and they were "deeply concerned" about her state of mind but never thought she'd do something so desperate. She said reports of L'Wren and Jagger breaking up were rubbish.

L'Wren's sister is also speaking out today. Jan Shane, who lives in Utah where L'Wren grew up, said L'Wren desperately wanted children, but Mick Jagger was not interested. Her sister says L'Wren's deep longing for kids was the cause of her unhappiness.