Nursing Student Makes Unbelievable Guess On 'Wheel of Fortune'

Pat Sajak and Vanna White were stunned when a nursing student made an unbelievable winning guess. INSIDE EDITION explains.

It could be the most amazing win in Wheel of Fortune history. A nursing student named Emil De Leon had only two letters to go on and just 10 seconds to play.

How could anyone guess what the puzzle was?

Host Pat Sajak told De Leon, ‘Well, this looks tough to me. It is a thing. You are a very good puzzle solver. Just keep talking it out.”

De Leon blurted, “New baby buggy?”

No one could believe what had just happened. Sajak patted him down like a cop frisking a thief. 

The extraordinary moment is making headlines everywhere. The Huffington Post says "Lucky Guess is Absolutely Incredible."

Pat Sajak and Vanna White rarely speak to contestants at the end of the show, but this time they just had to ask De Leon how he did it.

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He said, “Well the used letter board was my savior and the first letter I saw was ‘B’ it was staring straight at me. So, baby and then, worked with the 'B.' Then, baby buggy.”

Sajak was obviously blown away. He tweeted: "Most amazing solve in my 30 plus years on the show.  No kidding.”

For that one answer, De Leon took home $45,000.