Police Dog Recovering From Shooting In Line of Duty

A police dog shot in the line of duty is expected to survive following surgery, and many well-wishers are sending in their support. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

He's a crime-fighting hero shot in the line of duty—a valiant police dog named Bruno.

The seven-year-old German Shepherd was gravely wounded during a SWAT team mission as cops in Anaheim, California, were tracking a dangerous probation violator.

No one could find the guy until Bruno caught the scent and led his master, officer RJ Young straight to the gunman's hiding place behind a trash dumpster.

That's when the suspect shot Bruno in the face. Cops opened fire and killed the shooter and rushed Bruno to the hospital.

Bruno was in surgery for two hours while doctors fought to save his life. They repaired his broken jaw, and removed part of his lung. Today, Bruno remains in the hospital under heavy sedation and his human partner, Young, won't leave his side.

The incredible bond between cops and their K9 partners is something we've seen before. A heartbreaking scene took place in 2005 in Long Beach, California, when a veteran cop was reduced to tears as he raced to save the life of his partner, Ranger, who was shot dead in the line of duty.

RJ Young and Bruno share a similar connection. Young dresses Bruno in funny costumes, like a prison break outfit. Bruno was all dressed up in a shirt and tie for one portrait. Young even lets Bruno wear his sunglasses.

Bruno shows the same devotion to Young's three-month-old daughter. The dog won't leave the infant's side, protecting her at all times.

Cheryl Timmons, president of the Anaheim Police Canine Association, has known Bruno since he was just a year-old pup. 

Timmons said, "Bruno and RJ did have an extermely tight connection. They really have a bond. All of the police officers and their canines just form such a bond that it's incredible to see."

Thousands have taken to Facebook to share their get-well-wishes for Bruno.

"Praying for Bruno that he makes a speedy recovery. Go Bruno!" said one fan.