Senatorial Candidate Alvin Greene Faces Felony

INSIDE EDITION speaks to the female college freshman who says Alvin Greene, the man who just won the democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate, hit on her by showing her pornography in a school computer lab. 

"I looked at the screen, it was porn," Camille McCoy said.

This 18-year-old college freshman is talking about a man who just won the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate.

"He said, 'Let's go to your room now,'" she recalled.

Alvin Greene is now facing a felony obscenity charge and the young woman he allegedly hit on, Camille McCoy, spoke out to INSIDE EDITION.

McCoy said, "I think he was trying to get with a girl."

Greene is already facing a storm of controversy after his shocking victory in last week's South Carolina primary.  He won nearly 60 percent of the vote even though he's unknown, unemployed, held no campaign rallies, and stumbled through live interviews.

"How do you think the people who voted for you on Tuesday knew who you were?" Keith Olbermann on MSNBC asked.

"I think, that, you know, I think that they, they saw, I think that they..." Greene responded.

Camille says Greene approached her last fall at her dorm's computer lab at the University of South Carolina.

"He sat down next to me and he starts making conversation and then he asked, 'Do I like football?'  And I said 'yes' and then he told me to look at a screen and it was porn!"

How did he get into the computer lab, INSIDE EDITION asked?  "That's the magic question we've been wondering about," McCoy said.

Greene lives in a house in the small town of Manning with his father.  Inside, there are family photos and a diploma from the University of South Carolina. 

He told INSIDE EDITION his lawyer is handling the obscenity case and had no comment about it except this:

"I'm trying to stay focused on my campaign and the issues and avoid distractions."

The well-known judge who lost the Democratic primary to Greene, Vic Rawl, still can't believe it.

"Folks, this is nuts, look at it!" Rawl said.

The results have also become the butt of jokes.

On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, "Most senators don't sexually harass college girls until they're elected," Stewart joked.

Camille McCoy says she didn't even know the guy accused of showing her porn was running for the US Senate until after he won the nomination.

McCoy said, "I was so shocked that he won.  It's all a joke."