Vets Concerned About Dogs Ingesting Marijuana

Since marijuana is legal in some parts of America, a new concern is growing after videos show dogs getting into their owners stash. INSIDE EDITION explains.

When you tell a dog to "play dead," you don't generally have the animal slumping over in mind. There's a reason one little pup in a video looked like he was in a coma, he is high as a kite after eating cookies laced with pot.

Same with a Golden Lab in another video. He was having difficulty just standing straight after wolfing down pot brownies he's discovered.

Videos like those have been appearing on YouTube, showing what happens when pets accidentally eat pot brownies or the like.

But now that marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington State, pot-infused munchies are freely available. Pet owners say scenes like those shown in online videos are becoming a lot more common.

INSIDE EDITION spoke with USA Today reporter Trevor Hughes, whose article, "Veterinarians Ask Owners to Keep Their Dogs Off Grass,” highlights the problem.

He said, "Dogs will get into anything. Chocolate or brownies, and what's happening is that dogs are getting into these pot edibles and getting incredibly stoned."

Veterinarian Dr. Diane Levitan told INSIDE EDITION, "Eating high levels of marijuana is potentially fatal for your pet. People really need to understand that. A person knows how much they want to eat, they know what they are eating, and they know when to stop—hopefully. Dogs on the other hand will find cookies or brownies and they are in dog heaven. They just keep eating and eating until the cookies are gone."

Unfortunately, not all pets get stoned by accident. In a video posted online, one knucklehead was actually blowing pot smoke right into a little dog’s face.