Motorist Captures Massive Pileup On Camera

A massive car pileup was caught on a tape by a motorist who tended to those who were injured and warned other drivers of the danger. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was the anatomy of a highway pileup as it happened, caught-on-tape.

The terrifying incident started when a snowstorm slammed into the Minneapolis region during the lunch rush hour.

Car after car slammed into each other as real estate agent Joe Mueller documented the scene with his camera. He couldn't believe what was happening.

"Oh my god! You ok?" he asked one woman. "Do you have any clothes, or anything [to put on her injury]. Sit here!"

In the video he can be seen in his white sneakers and jeans returning to his disabled car and grabs a tissue for a woman who was bleeding by the side of the road.

"Here. Put this on your eye, keep pressure on it," he told her.

At one point, Mueller bravely ran ahead to warn other drivers of the impending danger. Danger could be seen as a semi-truck headed straight for the pileup. Other drivers honk to warn the cars behind them.

Mueller even had the presence of mind to go back and record the license plate of the car that accidentally rear-ended him.

"No offense ma'am. I"m just going to get your license plate," he said.

The accident closed down the Westbound 55 for nearly two hours. Sixty-one vehicles were involved in the accident. Amazingly, only one motorist was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

It looks as if Joe Mueller's heroic efforts may have saved others from a trip to the emergency room, or even worse.