Gary Coleman Not Yet Put to Rest

New questions are being raised about Gary Coleman's death, as authorities are reportedly re-examining the evidence surrounding Shannon Price's decision to turn off life support. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

There are new questions surrounding Gary Coleman's shocking death!

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Utah authorities are "quietly re-examining all the evidence surrounding" Coleman's ex-wife's decision to "pull the plug." 

One police source is quoted as saying that Shannon Price's actions point to "an example of someone with everything to gain from his death."  Police in Santaquin, Utah, where Coleman died, told INSIDE EDITION that "they are continuing to investigate Gary Coleman's death, pending the Coroner's report."

Coleman's ex-girlfriend, Anna Gray, paid her final respects to the late actor. A photo is believed to be her arriving in Utah yesterday after driving from her home in Oregon for a private viewing of the body.

"It was humbling and solemn," Anna's lawyer said of the visit.  "It awakened a lot of nice feelings."

Anna is now fighting Shannon Price for control of the estate, each claim they have wills signed by the Diff'rent Strokes star, which name them as the sole beneficiary.

Coleman's former lawyer, Randy Kester, said, "I think he'd be horrified."

Kester is now representing Anna.  Kester says Gary wouldn't want a bitter battle over his estate, saying he would say, "Leave it alone, let it go, get something worked out, and go on your way."