Rage Boils as Congress Grills BP at Oil Spill Hearings

Congress grilled BP CEO Tony Hayward on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as one protestor, covered in black oil, disrupted the hearing with screams and was escorted out by security.  INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Rage boils over as BP's boss is grilled about the Gulf oil disaster.

A screaming protester with oil smeared on her hands and face brought proceedings to a halt, just as the company's CEO was about to face hard questions from Congress. He barely uttered a word before the screaming protester stopped him in his tracks.

The protester screamed, "You need to go to jail! You need to be charged with a crime."

One woman was wrestled to the ground and taken out of the chamber.

BP CEO Tony Hayward had faced a withering barrage of condemnation from the members of Congress.

Congressman Waxman of California said, "BP has taken the most extreme risks."

Congressman Ross from Arkansas said, "It seems apparent that BP put profit before safety."

After sitting stone-faced through more than an hour of criticism, Hayward promised to make good the damage, saying, "We will not rest until we make the right."

And there's still anger about the chairman of BP referring to victims of the spill as "the small people," when he said at a press event, "We care about the small people."

BP's Swedish-born chairman later apologized for his remark, blaming it on poor translation.

But on The View, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and guest host Joe Scarborough both blasted him.

"Those small people are going to be casting big big votes," said Hasselbeck.

"The question is, why do these idiots keep talking? Just slowly step away from the microphone," said Scarborough.

Meanwhile, President Obama's response to the oil spill is being blasted in a new ad by the Republican party.  It suggests he spends too much time playing golf and attending events like that Paul McCartney tribute at the White House.

But Oprah is defending the President.

"I really don't uderstand what people want him to do. He's the President of the United States. You're not supposed to be emotional. You're supposed to take action and get things done," said Winfrey.

Jay Leno managed to see the funny side of the crisis, spoofing the TV footage of Tony Hayward at the Gulf shore.

In Leno's version, the actor playing Hayward says, "The oil spill is almost a million gallons a day. (laughs) That's a lot of oil. I'm just saying that's a lot of oil. I had no idea. A million gallons a day. Good lord. Better take the shrimp off the menu, eh?"