Grandma Becomes An Instant Hit On Instagram

INSIDE EDITION sat down with the grandmother who's become an Instagram celebrity ever since her great grandson decided to share some hilarious videos of her after being diagnosed with cancer.

Just call her InstaGranny! This 80-year-old grandma from Indiana is burning up social media with photos and videos of her doing things like the Harlem Shake and sticking out her blue tongue. 

Her name is Betty Simpson, but she prefers to be called "Grandma Betty." She told INSIDE EDITION, "This is exciting and it's fun too."

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Her 18-year-old great grandson Zach created the Instagram account last year after Grandma Betty was diagnosed with lung cancer. He said he wanted to preserve her memory forever with video.

Zach told INSIDE EDITION, "I had no idea that it was going to hit even into the thousands of followers."

Make that half-a-million followers! People can't get enough of Grandma Betty. Even singer Pharell is a big fan. He started following her after a video of her dancing to his hit "Happy" was posted.

Another video is set to the Rocky theme music with a poster hanging that reads "Grandma Betty kicking cancer's butt since 2013."

Finding fame at age 80 also helps keep Grandma Betty's mind off her medical crisis.  She said, "You know, you can be happy with cancer. You can kick that in the butt."