Duck Dynasty's Lisa Robertson Says She Was Molested As A Child

Lisa Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame says she was molested for years as a child. INSIDE EDITION has more.

They are the classy ladies behind those bearded dudes from Duck Dynasty. Now, one of the wives is revealing a very troubled past.

In their new book, The Women of Duck Commander, Lisa Robertson says she was molested starting from the age of seven. The ordeal lasted until she was 14 years old.

Lisa joined the show in 2013 at the start of season four. She's married to Alan Robertson, the eldest son of Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson and his wife, Kay. He's the only Robertson on the show who doesn't have a beard.

In the book, Lisa writes, "My earliest memory of being molested was at the age of seven when (an extended family member) started to do things that made me feel bad and dirty."

Lisa says the abuse continued to haunt her into adulthood, and caused her to cheat on her husband. "The affair lasted fourteen months. Alan was devastated and eventually, so was I," she writes.

Lisa says she and Alan have worked things out and are now happily married.