Oscar Pistorius Faces More Cross-Examination While Fans Show Support

As Oscar Pistorius faced another day of brutal cross-examination on the witness stand, some fans show their support. INSIDE EDITION reports.

He's on trial for killing his beautiful model girlfriend, but some people are still treating Oscar Pistorius like a hero.

It was a scene in South Africa today as Oscar Pistorious headed into court, where fans reached out to touch him, showering him with balloons, even hugs.

"We love you," shouted one fan.

One sign said, 'Ozzy we love you and pray for you.'   

But, it was a different story in court as Pistorius faced more withering cross examination by the prosecutor known as The Pitbull.   

The Olympic sprinter claims he shot his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp by accident through a bathroom door, mistaking her for an intruder.

The door, with its four bullet holes, is now a critical piece of evidence in the trial. Pistorius claims he shouted at what he thought was the burglar.

Pistorius stated, "I screamed. I said, get the (blank) out of my house. Get the (blank) out of my house!"

But, the prosecutor claims Pistorius was, in fact, shouting at Reeva Steenkamp during a violent argument which ended in her death.  

Prosecutor: "That's what you shouted at Reeva. You fired at Reeva. These other versions of yours cannot work."

Pistorius: "It's not true, my lady."

Prosecutor: "You did."

Pistorius: "I did not fire at Reeva!"