Are Selfies Spreading Lice?

INSIDE EDITION spoke to lice treatment expert Marcy McQuillan, who says selfies are helping to spread lice.

The selfie. Even President Obama and Vice President Biden are doing it. Prince William and Princess Kate are snapping selfies on their trip to Australia. The pope is posing for selfies at The Vatican. And who can forget the Oscars selfie—the most retweeted photo ever?

But, the next time you and a friend put your heads together for a selfie, remember what Marcy McQuillan, a lice-treatment expert who owns Nitless Noggins in Scotts Valley, California told INSIDE EDITION.

"Selfies definitely help spread head lice," said McQuillan.

That's right—she said head lice. Those disgusting little critters that thrive in the scalp and were recently featured on Modern Family.

INSIDE EDITION staffers struck some typical selfie poses, all smiles, head-to-head.

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McQuillan says it's a recipe for spreading lice, saying, "Ninety percent is head-to-head contact. That's how you get lice."

So what can you do to take lice-free selfies?

Our expert tells us:

  • Keep your hair tied up in a braid or bun
  • Don't share hats or hair brushes
  • Don't pose with your heads touching

A few simple tips to keep a selfie strictly between friends.