Father Allows His Young Son To Steer A Motorcycle

INSIDE EDITION reports on shocking video of a dad filming his young son riding with him on his Harley; parents everywhere were outraged. Now, the father is speaking to INSIDE EDITION saying his son was safe.

Video of a little boy driving a powerful Harley-Davidson motorcycle is causing concern around the nation.

In the video, the youngster's face could be seen as he turns to look at his dad, but you may be surprised by how young he is.

Ryan Hughes and his father, Jacob, spoke to INSIDE EDITION about the controversial ride, which happened in Texas.

Ryan told INSIDE EDITION, “I'm six and I’m in kindergarten.”

The video starts with dad steering. Then, he gestured for his son to take over. For a few moments, there are no hands on the handlebars; then little Ryan took control. They were doing 45 miles-an-hour.

But dad insists he was the one in full control because he was steering the Harley with his body weight.

Jacob told INSIDE EDITION, “I was in control of the bike. He was in control of the throttle.”

Ryan's helmet said "Death," just like his dad's T-shirt, which said, "Death Squad;" that is Jacob's motorcycle club.

Online reaction to the YouTube video ranges from support to total horror.

"Only an idiot would let their small child on a motorcycle, and actually letting him take the handles is beyond idiotic," said one viewer.

Another wrote, “There is no way that i would ever let a child do that. It is madness."

But Jacob insists his son was never in any danger, saying, “I understand people's concern. At the same time, I love my son more than anything in the world, there's nothing I would do to intentionally put him in harm's way. He was actually quite safe.”