Ranting Stenographer Speaks Out

It was a bizarre moment when a House stenographer went on a rant. Now, she's talking to INSIDE EDITION saying she doesn't recognize the lady in the video.

It was a bizarre scene right on the floor of the House of Representatives. An official House stenographer freaks out  and is dragged away ranting.  

Now that stenographer is speaking out about the incident that cost her her job. She told INSIDE EDITION," I loved my job, yes, very much."

Dianne Reidy had been working for the House of Representives for nearly ten years and says she knew she was throwing her career away when she strode to the podium and started her rant.

Reidy said, "And possibly losing my freedom. I didn't know if i would go to jail I had no idea. This was unprecedented."

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She says she can't remember what she said on the floor of the House. Few heard it because the microphone wasn't on, but news reports say she shouted, "God is not mocked," and "A house divided cannot stand".

Reidy said, "I look at the video. I don't recognize myself, even just the way I walked up the dais with such boldness and I look and I see the hand gestures, and I'm like 'Wow!' ""

She continued to rant as she was dragged to an elevator and was caught on a Chicago Sun-Times reporter's cell phone.

Reidy also ranted about Freemasons, long a target for conspiracy theorists, saying, "The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons. They go against God!"

Reidy's diagnosis after a psychiatric evaluation was "psychosis" but she and her husband Dan say she's completety sane. Dan said, "God speaks through people. This is not crazy stuff.

She says she was told by God to deliver a message, saying "The Lord was waking me up in the middle of the night to get up and read the word of God. About three days before, I realized that God was going to have me speak during the vote."

She kept her plan secret from Dan. He said, "If Dianne had told me this is what she was going to do I would have said there's no way you're going to do that."

Both Dianne and Dan are deeply religious and she says she's not at all sorry about what she did.

Reidy said, "I don't know how I would have lived with myself if I hadn't done what I was clearly led to do."