Thigh Gap Surgery Becomes New Cosmetic Trend

Many women are trying to achieve a slimmer look in their thighs and INSIDE EDITION found one doctor who is making that possible with a cutting edge surgery.

Beyoncé recently came under fire for posting photos that showed a space between her thighs that had fans accusing her of photoshopping her legs to make them look slimmer.

Sexy Sofia Vergara was also photographed flaunting her thigh gap on the cover of Women's Health magazine.

That's the same tool that Target used on a teenage swimwear model last month. The chain later apologized.

Now, women are flocking to plastic surgeons asking for thigh gap surgery.

Twenty-four-year-old Nicole Abrahamson works out five times-a-week but cannot achieve that gap. The nursing student says her thighs rub together and are uncomfortable.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “You can see my legs touch right here and I just don't like it. I want that thigh gap.”

So, she's visiting Dr. Aaron Rollins in Beverly Hills for surgery.

He told INSIDE EDITION, “We are seeing a major increase in interest because people are finally realizing this is possible.”

Watch As Nicole Gets Her Thigh Gap Surgery

The doctor says his new cutting edge procedure is painless and will only take an hour.

He said, “We can take all of this. This is a big change. It's going to be dramatic all the way down from your knee to up here.”

The surgery is a new form of liposuction. The doctor made several tiny punctures. Then, he inserted a laser that rotates over a thousand times a minute.

Abrahamson remained awake and again tears up, as she feels two pounds of fat literally melt away

She said, “Emotionally, it feels amazing.”

It will take about six weeks for swelling to go away but Abrahamson is already making plans to show off her new thigh gap, saying "A new wardrobe. I am looking forward to that."