Love Letters Revealed Between Donald Sterling and Former Mistress

INSIDE EDITION has obtained photos of Donald Sterling from his days with another former mistress. Meanwhile, Sterling's wife, Rochelle, is coming under fire for her own alleged racism.

A jaw-dropping photo of embattled billionaire Donald Sterling relaxing in bed, covered only by a sheet, has surfaced.

This startling photo shows him lounging in his underwear.

The intimate photos were taken by a woman named Alexandra Castro. She claims she had a long affair with the LA Clippers owner years before he made those racist rants to V. Stiviano that got him banned for life from the NBA.  

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret spoke to Alexandra Castro's lawyer, Douglas Bagby.

Bagby said, "It really is shocking the lengths to which this particular very, very wealthy man is willing to go to take advantage of another person."

Castro was the other, other woman in Sterling's life from 1999 to 2002. He bought a lavish Los Angeles mansion for her.  

He wrote this birthday card: "You are the best of the best and I adore you more than words can express." He signed it: "Love forever, DTS" for Donald T. Sterling. 

But just as his relationship with Stiviano crashed and burned, Sterling also had a falling out with Alexandra Castro.

He and his wife, Rochelle sued her in 2003 to recover the expensive gifts he gave her, and in a sworn deposition in 2003 he called their relationship: "purely sex for money." 

"The woman wanted sex everywhere. She wanted it in the alley, in her car, in the elevator, in the upstairs seventh floor, in the bathroom," stated Sterling.

He testified he paid Castro "$500 a trick."

Moret asked Bagby, "Would you believe anything that he says at this point?"

"No, I would not believe him. I don't think he has any integrity," replied Bagby.

Sterling's wife, Rochelle has been seen as an innocent victim in the scandal, but today's Daily Beast headline calls her: "The Clippers' Cruella de Ville" after a video surfaced. It shows her allegedly posing as a health inspector so she could evict tenants from apartment buildings owned by the Sterlings.

In the video, the tenant said, "So, you're Miss Shelby from the Health Department?"

"Yes sir," said Rochelle.

The video, seen on Good Morning America, was presented as evidence in a 2009 discrimination lawsuit against the Sterlings.  

One black tenant testified that Rochelle called him a racial slur during an argument, saying: "'Who do you think you are, you black (blank)?'"

A property manager also testified that Rochelle told him: "I can't remodel my apartments the way that I want because Latinos are so filthy."

Rochelle denies making those statements and the Sterlings settled the lawsuit without admitting any wrongdoing. They paid a $2.75 million fine.