Monaco Palace Calls Nicole Kidman's 'Grace of Monaco' A Farce

Monaco Royal Palace released a statement calling Nicole Kidman's biopic about Princess Grace a "farce." INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Nicole Kidman is playing the late Princess Grace of Monaco. But just two days before the movie is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, Grace's children are trashing the film calling it a "farce" and "totally fictional."

The film shows the late Grace Kelly behind palace walls, deeply unhappy in her marriage to Prince Rainier III, played by Tim Roth.

In a statement, Prince Albert and Princesses Caroline and Stephanie say they don't "in any way want to be associated with this film," adding that they "regret that their history has been misappropriated for purely commercial purposes."

The royal family of Monaco, who usually attend the Cannes Film Festival, are said to be skipping the event this year because of the film.