Was V. Stiviano Lying In Barbara Walters Interview?

The woman at the center of the Donald Sterling scandal spoke to Barbara Walters, leaving many to wonder if she was being truthful in her responses. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Was V. Stiviano lying in that big interview with Barbara Walters?

In the interview, Stiviano told Walters, "I'm Mr. Sterling's everything. I'm his confidante, his best friend, his silly rabbit."

INSIDE EDITION asked noted body language expert Tonya Reiman for her take. Reiman said, "The bizarre things are, she's so monotonous. Her voice doesn't change, it's so flat. In addition to that, her eyes are all over the place. And because she's so practiced, she comes off as someone who's not sincere."

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Our body language expert says Stiviano seemed to be enjoying herself, even when asked an embarassing question about allegations that she was 80-year-old billionaire Donald Sterling's mistress.

Walters asked, "What's the biggest misconception about you?"

"That I'm a mistress, or a whore," replied Stiviano with a smile.

Reiman said, "It's almost as if she's enjoying these questions. She's enjoying being highlighted here. So, when you see her smile and say, 'They're calling me a whore,' you would think she would be upset. You wouldn't continue with a smile throughout the conversation."

And what about the moment when Stiviano spoke about Sterling and the racist rants that brought him down?

Stiviano told Walters, "He can't even believe or understand, sometimes, the things he says. And I think he's hurt by it. He's hurting right now."

Walter asked, "Do you think that Donald Sterling should apologize?"

Stiviano moved her head side-to-side and replied, "Absolutely."

Reiman noted, "When you see somebody shaking their head in the negative, but they're using an affirmative word, it's a disconnect. So, to me, the question then becomes, does she really believe that he has to apologize, or does she even care if he apologizes."

Walters confirmed on The View that Sterling originally agreed to be interviewed along with Stiviano, but backed out at the last minute.

Walters said, "He was going to do an interview, then he didn't, then he did. He went from caring about her to calling her names."

Sterling reportedly stormed out after a heated argument with Stiviano in the elevator at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills where the interview was taped, screaming, "She's (fucking) crazy! I can't deal with her! She's nuts."

Sterling's wife, Rochelle cheered on the Los Angeles Clippers at their dramatic game seven victory in the NBA playoffs on Saturday. The guy who was standing next to her was her bodyguard.

Meanwhile, as everyone waits to see what Sterling will do next, he was mocked unmercifully on Saturday Night Live when cast member Bobby Moynihan played Sterling and said, "My reputation has gotten a real black eye, which we all know is the worst kind of eye."