Citizen Reporters Capture Massive Wildfires Near San Diego

Terrifying footage of the wildfires near San Diego is being captured by citizens witnessing the disaster firsthand. INSIDE EDITION reports.  

Imagine driving home from work and encountering Hell on Earth.

A monster wildfire rampages through a neighborhood outside San Diego and some guys got way too close for comfort.

A helicopter fighting the blaze dropped chemicals right on top of houses in a desperate attempt to  keep them from going up in flames.

Kristin Michalec said on a tape she recorded, "Oh my God! Oh my God!"

Another citizen reporter took video of the wildfire as she was driving to show how close the inferno is to the highway.

One helmetcam video was posted by a motorcyclist zipping through traffic who couldn't believe what he was seeing, exlclaiming, "Wow! That's scary!"

At least nine different wildfires swept through the San Diego area and thousands were forced to flee from their homes with just a moment's notice.

One apartment complex was destroyed, and INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret was at the location, reporting, "Crews are still hitting this complex hard with water to avoid another flare up which could easily spread to other apartment buildings. Fire crews say these flames came so fast and so hot, residents barely got out with their lives."

Even world-famous Legoland Park had to be evacuated and posted a video of parents pushing their kids in strollers as they run for their cars.

Ominous music was added to video from one mom and dad describing the vision of Armegeddon that they see around them.

And another citizen reporter's video captured an extraordinary sight of a fire-nado! A pillar of fire on a day that these citizen reporters will surely remember forever.