Home Schooled Family Produces The Brainy Bunch

INSIDE EDITION sat down with the Harding family, where six of their 10 children went to college before they were 12 years old.

We've all heard of The Brady Bunch. Now, meet "The Brainy Bunch."  That's right, brainy, as in some of the smartest kids ever.

Kip and Mona Lisa Harding have 10 children, and get this—seven of them were in college by the age of 12.  The rest of them are on target to do the same.

Daughter Katrina told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm Katrina and I'm a freshman at Boston University. I'm 11 years old and I'm majoring in legal studies. "

Seth said, "I'm Seth. I'm 13 and I'm a sophomore at Huntington College studying history."

Keith told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm Keith. I'm 18 and I completed a Master's degree in computer science last year when I was 17."

Rosanna is just 24, but she's been an architect for, can you believe this—six years! She revealed, "I am the youngest member of the American Institute of Architects, registered in New York state, and California."

And at age 23, Serena is also a stand-out, saying, "I am 23 years old and one of the youngest physicians in the United States."

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The parents are always asked how they produced such high-achievers. For one thing, everyone has been home-schooled, with the lessons tailored to each child's strengths and interests.

Kip said, "He's a musician. If I tried to make him a doctor, I think that would be a problem. And if I tried to make her something that she doesn't want to be, an architect, it probably wouldn't work."

There are some interesting dilemmas. Kip explained, "For instance, Keith is a college graduate but he doesn't have a driver's license."

Mona Lisa pointed out about Keith, "When he finished his Master's degree, he went to high school prom."