13-Year-Old Wins National Geographic Geography Bee

INSIDE EDITION gets a geography lesson from 13-year-old Akhil Rekulapelli who just won the National Geographic Geography Bee.

He's the king of the world!

This brainy 13-year-old just won the $50,000 top prize in National Geographic's annual Geography Bee, and wait 'til you hear what he had to know to win.

The question asked: The discovery of a major shale oil deposit in the Vaca Muerta formation in 2010 has led to an expansion of oil drilling in the Neuquen province in what country?

Watch Akhil Take the INSIDE EDITION Geography Quiz

"Argentina," answered Rekulapelli.

"We have a winner. Akhil, you are our winner," said the announcer.

Akhil Rekulapelli from Virginia couldn't be happier.

He also explained, "My mom tells me I'm like a sponge. When I read something, it sticks in my head."

Okay, Mr. Sponge, let's see how you do on the INSIDE EDITION geography quiz.

"I'll try my best." he said.

"Which river carries the largest volume of water in the world?" asked Boyd.

"The Amazon River," answered Rekulapelli.

"Correct! Which country in Central America is the only one that does not border the Pacific Ocean?"

Rekulapelli answered, "Belize."


Boyd asked, "Mount Everest is considered the highest spot on our planet, but which mountain is actually closer to the moon?"

Rekulapelli replied, "Mount Chimborazo!"


Way to go Akhil Rekulapelli! You've won our grand prize...a hearty handshake!