Manic Motorists Lead Cops On High-Speed Chases

From a 14-year-old stealing a car in Salt Lake City to a motorcyclist clocking in at high speeds, these motorists lead police on wild chases. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Children ran for their lives as a maniac came speeding through a park and you'll never believe who was behind the wheel—it was a 14 year-old-boy who just stole the car from his grandfather!

He led police through a park outside Salt Lake City where kids were playing. Cops called off the chase due to concern than an innocent child might be run over.

Then, one brave dad took the law into his own hands. Using his truck, he rammed head-on into the joyrider, bringing the ride of terror to a swift and decisive end.

The joyrider was not injured and was taken into custody.

Another high speed police chase was recorded by the guy being chased! A motorcycle rider was zooming down a busy highway in South Carolina at break-neck speeds up to 115 miles-per-hour.

Police simply couldn’t keep up. He passed red lights and blew through stop signs. The speed limit was just 30 miles-per-hour on those roads.

So how did police catch up with him? The knucklehead actually posted his video on YouTube. He was identified and arrested.