Oil Spill Ruins Beach Day for Young Girl

INSIDE EDITION reports on a beach day being ruined for one little girl and her family by oil that has washed up on a Florida beach from the BP oil disaster.

A distraught little girl steps in a thick glob of oil that's washed ashore on a beach in Florida.

The young girl is seen on video saying, "Mommy, get it off! I don't want any oil!"

The oil is everywhere on the beach in the Florida panhandle. The disturbing videos were shot by vacationer Craig Sheffield. He decided to document the oil he saw on his trip along the Gulf coast.

"Everywhere you look, oil, oil, oil. I don't know why this beach is still open.  You can smell the oil.  It smells like crude," said Sheffield.

On a nearby beach, vacationers don't just need sunscreen, they might also need an industrial-size container of the goo remover called "Gojo," provided by town authorities. It's invaluable in dealing with muck like this from the BP oil disaster.

"Some of the tarballs are not really on the beach, they're just rolling in with the surf," said Sheffield.

When INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Sheffield what he's left thinking after witnessing the desvastation on the beaches, Sheffield said, "It was just hard to see, as I made my way down to Pensacola, and seeing that beach just utterly ruined, it just broke my heart."

Sheffield says he was horrified at how much oil has already come ashore. It's images like this, a little girl crying on the beach, that brings the crisis home.