Tour Guide Feeds Alligators Marshmallows Right From His Mouth

A Louisiana tour guide has become a viral sensation after video surfaced of him feeding alligators marshmallows right from his mouth. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the guide about his wild stunt. 

Amazing video has been posted of a Louisiana swamp boat tour guide frolicking in a bayou with a pair of wild alligators.

In the video, he fed them strips of raw chicken. He rubbed his head right under their jaws. But the most incredible of all was when he asked, “Anyone want to throw me a marshmallow from the bag?” 

He actually lets them eat marshmallows right out of his own mouth.

The 29-year-old tour guide, Lance LaCrosse, told INSIDE EDITION's April Woodard how he keeps from being bitten.

Woodard said, "If it goes wrong, it goes real wrong."

"When I am underwater or in the water with them, I always keep my hand under their mouth and keeping it close. That way, if they lunge at me, I got a better chance."

The tourists couldn't believe it when he jumped into the bayou. One asked, “Do you get paid extra for this?”

A spokesman for the National Park Service said: "feeding wild animals trains them to see humans as a food source, and that can be highly dangerous for both humans and animals."

LaCrosse said, “Feeding alligators that has been passed down in my family. I have been doing this since I was nine years old. My grandpa taught my daddy, my daddy taught me and my brothers."

He says he'll stop feeding the gators if officials tell him to, but he plans to keep right on swimming with them.