Joggers Stalked By Bear

Two joggers got the scare of their lives when a black bear started following them and wouldn’t go away. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Imagine being stalked by a bear. It happened to two joggers in Alberta, Canada, and it was all caught on tape.

For nearly four minutes, the bear wouldn't go away. He kept pursuing the joggers as they tried to make their way back to their car.

"The moment that I met the bear was an instant don't make eye contact, walk away, and that didn't seem to work,"  said jogger Bruce Allen.

One jogger even picked up a rock just in case.

"We're are going to have to knock him out," said the jogger.

Experts say the best defense when confronted by a black bear is bear spray, played to comic effect in the 2009 movie Did You Hear About the Morgans.

Jokes aside, wildlife expert Dr. Mireya Mayor says bear spray, if used correctly, can have a bear running for the hills.

"Bear spray is one of the most effective ways to keep protected from bears-not running, not throwing something at them," said Mayor. "I think bear spray works in the very same way that mace works. You aim it at the bear and it causes a semi painful distraction to the bear, which gives you enough time to get away."

Luckily for buddies Bruce Allen and Greg Armour, the bear, after showing off a bit with his climbing agility, lost interest.

The joggers ran for their lives and the sanctuary of their car, breathless but relieved after being stalked by a bear!