Religious Images of Kim Kardashian Raise Eyebrows

A Brooklyn artist has created a firestorm after her exhibit featuring Kim Kardashian as various religious deities. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Holy Kim!

Just when you thought you've seen it all comes Kim Kardashian deified. Photoshopped images of Kardashian as religious figures were created by graphic artist Hannah Kunkle.  

In one photo, Kardashian is Jesus, with a crown of thorns on her head and a cross behind her.  In another image she has been transformed into the Virgin Mary holding baby North while her nephew, Mason, with angel wings, looks on. Kim is also depicted as a St. Joan of Arc. In another photo she is wearing a nun's habit.

Kunkle calls the collection "The Passion of Kim Kardashian" and they are creating a firestorm of controversy.  

Take a Look at a Gallery of the Full Exhibit

One person told INSIDE EDITION, "Highly blasphemous."

Another said, "Very insulting."

One woman said, "I am not even religious and I am offended."

INSIDE EDITION social media contributor Angie Grace (@AngieGraceLA) said, “Some people will find it very offensive, very blasphemous, at the same time it is art. Artists can express themselves anyway they want."