Donald Sterling's Rant To Doctor Over Mental Evaluation

Donald Sterling was caught on tape, again. This time he was ranting at a psychiatrist who was asked to evaluate his mental competency. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

An outraged Donald Sterling erupts at a psychiatrist who determined he was mentally incompetent in this just-released voicemail.

"I'm leaving my name, Donald Sterling, and I'm gonna have you lose your license. How dare you give my medical records from my head to a law firm who hired you. They hired you for the purpose of finding me incompetent. I'm not incompetent! You're (blanking) incompetent!  You stupid, (blank) doctor!"

The explosive recording was introduced in court today by Sterling's estranged wife, Shelly, who is asking for a restraining order against the embattled billionaire.

His rant was at psychiatrist Dr. James Spar, who diagnosed Sterling with early Alzheimer's, paving the way for his wife to sell the Los Angeles Clippers for two billion dollars.

"How dare you! I want to see your records. How much were you paid for that? This is a conspiracy. You and the lawyer got together to try to try to establish that I was unable to perform. I'm more able to perform than you are," Sterling said in the recording.

Sterling then threatened to have the doctor fired from his position as a geriatric psychiatrist at UCLA, saying, "I'm gonna get you fired from UCLA because you're nothing but a tramp. How dare you let someone use you that way. You know, you rely on doctors, you think that they'll be above it all, but obviously you're not. You'll sell yourself for nothing. How dare you!"

Shelly Sterling also accuses her husband of threatening to murder her lawyer during another crazy phone call earlier this month. He reportedly told the lawyer, "I'm going to take you out!"

In asking for the restraining order, Shelly says he is "menacing and harassing" witnesses.

Sterling also said in his message, "I'm just so excited. I'm so angry. I'm so...I just can't believe it."