Nikki Blonsky Loves Being Huge!

Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky reacts to the giant Times Square billboard of her in a swimsuit promoting her new TV show Huge, about a camp for overweight kids. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Nikki Blonsky is talking about her reaction to the sight of herself in a bathing suit on a huge billboard in Times Square, promoting her new ABC family series, Huge!

"I was screaming, I was happy, I was crying," Blonsky said.

In Huge, Blonsky plays a kid at a camp for overweight teens who go through thick and thicker together.

But, Blonsky's character is different from the rest. She plays the "heavy," so to speak, a rebel who defies the rules.

Blonsky said, "All these girls are wanting to lose weight and my character doesn't wanna lose weight because she's comfortable with her body! Me in a bathing suit in Times Square, I don't think you can get more comfortable than that!"