Two Dogs Get A Second Chance

The World’s Ugliest Dog paid a visit to INSIDE EDITION for the story on the pooch’s looks, and another dog that gets a chance for a new life.

It's a face only a mother could love.

Two-year-old Peanut beat out 27 other pooches for the dubious title of World's Ugliest Dog. But, the Chihuahua/Shih-Tzu mix isn't a hideous sight to owner Holly Chandler. 

"I just fell in love with him," said Chandler. "He was burned as a puppy and he spent nine months at a vet recovering." 

Peanut cannot close his eyes. His eyelids and lips were burnt off! 

"He's certainly got the teethy grin, doesn't he?" said INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

"Yes he does," said Chandler.

The unsightly dog was a big hit in the INSIDE EDITION newsroom. We couldn't keep our hands off Peanut.

Watch More of Peanut!

"The ladies love you man," said Chandler. "The ladies love you!"

But there's another mutt melting hearts, too. An abandoned pup was discovered hiding under a trailer in Compton, California. A Good Samaritan tried to entice him with a morsel of food, but that did not work. The little guy ran for dear life.
According to neighbors, the dog had lived on the streets for a full year after being abandoned when his owners moved away. The rescuer, from Hope For Paws Animal Rescue, finally captured the poor pooch. 

Fearful of human contact, the terrified dog bit and barked, until he finally surrendered to the warm and loving human touch. 

His hair was a mangled matted mess. It was time for a hair cut. Beneath the thick, matted coating was a desperately thin and helpless dog. He was named Theo. 

Just two weeks after his rescue, Theo was playing around with his new friends looking happy and healthy.

They say every dog has his day! For Peanut and Theo, their days couldn't have come soon enough!