Struck By Lightning, Man Walks Away From Smoking Boots

Sean O’Connor not only lived to tell about being struck by lightning, he videotaped his boots smoking in the aftermath. INSIDE EDITION has his story. 

A man was truck by lightning and managed to videotape the aftermath!

In the video, Sean O'Connor said, "There's my boot - what's left of my boot anyways!"

The boots were smoking!

"To me it sounded like a tree crashing," said O'Connor.

He was doing yardwork at his home near Atlanta, when he was struck by a bolt from above. It blew him right out of his shoes.

"Unbelievable video," said INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent. "You got struck by lightning!"

"I was thrown out of my boots and I landed on the other side of the driveway, probably about four or five feet away!" said O'Connor.

His glasses were melted and his leg hairs were singed too!

"My shorts got blood on them from when I bit my tongue apparently," explained O'Connor.

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O'Connor called his wife and she didn't believe him! So he picked up his phone and shot his smoking boots to prove it.

"I definitely wanted my wife to see so she would believe me that it was an actual lightning strike, and I wasn't joking around," said O'Connor.

A lightning strike packs quite a punch-- one billion volts of electricity! O'Connor said doctors told him the lightning hit him on the right foot, went through his body, and came out his mouth!

"The whole left side of my body was pretty sore," said O'Connor. "My shoulder, my knees, my elbow, my ankle." 

"It's such a rarity to be stuck by lightning and survive and here you are!" said INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent.

"I got a little banged up, and stood up, and everything was okay after that," said O'Connor.