World Cup Proposal Hits The Airwaves

In an elaborate marriage proposal, Nick Bastress produced a TV commercial that aired during the U.S. vs. Portugal World Cup game. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the couple.

He's a soccer fan with an unshakeable goal. He proposed to his girlfriend in a TV commercial he made himself that actually aired during the U.S. vs. Portugal World Cup game.

In the commercial, he said, "I promise to have a warm dinner ready for you every night. I promise you all those things and more. Nicole, will you..."

Her stunned reaction was caught on cell phone video as they both watch the ad. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed.

INSIDE EDITION spoke with the couple. Nicole said, "I couldn't believe it. I was saying, 'No he didn't. This is on television?'"

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Nick Bastress from San Antonio, Texas, says the ad took seven months to make. He told INSIDE EDITION, "I hired a producer to come in the house and shoot the commcercial itself. It was a really long process."

Nicole said, "He kept it very secret. He filmed in our own home and I had no clue."

Nicole Kunetz is a huge soccer fan and was eager to watch the big game. Little did she know.

The 30-second ad only aired in the local market, so it was affordable.

"It was awesome," said Nicole.

Just to make sure Nicole got the message, Nick got down on one knee at the end of the commercial and repeated his proposal in person.

World Cup fever also hit the streets of Los Angeles as soccer fans got a little carried away when Mexico beat Croatia Monday.

Cops in riot gear stood by just in case, with armored vehicles also at the ready. Mounted police forced the exuberant supporters to retreat. A motorist found himself caught in the chaos.

No one was celebrating Mexico's victory more than the team's head coach. He hugged a player, but it was more like a wrestling match than a soccer game as they fell to the ground in excitement.

Coach Miguel Herrera has become an overnight worldwide sensation.