Tim Howard Is America's Hero and Savior

Team USA may have lost the World Cup game against Belgium, but goalie Tim Howard is being praised for his record-breaking 16 saves in tense game that went into overtime. INSIDE EDITION has details.

Everyone's talking about Tim Howard—super goalie!

The hero kept the hopes of a nation alive with save, after save, after save. Make that a record-breaking 16 saves—the most in World Cup history!

CNN's Chris Cuomo told Howard in an interview, "You're the man of the match. They're framing you up as Captain America." 

Today, the humble hero made the rounds on morning TV. His voice was hoarse from screaming instructions at his team during the game.

Howard told ABC News, "I've said all along that's what I signed up to do, stick my face in front of balls and get in the way and that's my job."

Fans are having fun photoshopping his image on the Secretary of Defense Wikipedia page. Mount Rushmore is transformed in one photo into Mount Howard. His face has been put on the dollar bill with the motto "In Tim We Trust!" There's even one photo circulating of Tim saving Bambi.

Most people don't realize that Tim Howard has overcome incredible odds to become the best goalie in the world.

At 10 he was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, the debilitating disorder that causes involuntary muscle spasm and tics. Howard described his tics in an interview on Yahoo! Sports.

"It's blinking, clearing my throat, tensing of different muscle parts. As I grew up it became different at different times, one year it was this, the next year it was that," explained Howard.

Howard says when the ball is at the other end of the field, he relaxes a little and allows his tics to come out. But when the ball comes in his direction, he's able to suppress the tics.

Dr. Shawn Ewbank is an expert on Tourettes syndrome. He told INSIDE EDITION, "He's been playing soccer for so long that his brain has actually learned that when the ball is close, this is not a good time to tic. So it doesn't even send him any urges to do so."

Watch More of Dr. Ewbank's Interview About Howard

Despite Howard's heroic efforts Tuesday, Team USA was knocked out of the World Cup. The huge crowds who gathered to watch the game across the county were left devastated.

Even the president had caught soccer fever, leading a chant at the White House viewing party, chanting, "I believe that we will win!"

He later tweeted: "Very proud of @USSoccer. We'll win it all sooner than the world thinks. #believeit"

And with a goalie like Tim Howard, truer words were never spoken.