The Clintons: The Musical

The new musical parody of the Clintons in the White House is taking to the stage in New York, and INSIDE EDITION got a behind-the-scenes look at the political romp.

It's the Clintons as you've never seen them, singing and dancing!

Their storied lives have been turned into a new show called Clinton: The Musical! and INSIDE EDITION got a front row seat for the rehearsals.

Not one, but two actors will play portray Bill Clinton, a nod to the fact that many feel that president Clinton led two paralleled lives while in the White House.

Karl Kenzler plays good Bill, the brilliant politician! Duke Lafoon plays bad Bill, the charming womanizer!

Watch Behind-The-Scenes Footage of the Musical

"This is kind of my fantasy version of what Bill Clinton would be like if he were to go spend the weekend with you in Vegas. You know, that kind of fun, wide-open, having a great time Bill Clinton," said Lafoon. 

Hillary is portrayed by Alet Taylor as a hard-charging first lady of the land. "I'm Hillary and I'm in control," recites Taylor.

Even Monica Lewinsky makes an appearance. In the musical she is seen sharing a moment with bad Bill, a scene surely inspired by the real life meeting.

In one shot Bill is seen trying to write the State of the Union address in the midst of the Lewinsky scandal.

Clinton: The Musical opens in New York on July 18th for a limited run, but if the musical Clintons prove as popular as the real life Clintons, they too may get a second term!