Torrential Rain Turns College Hallways Into Rivers

Raging flood waters struck a college campus, turning hallways inside buildings into rivers! INSIDE EDITION has more.

Attention students! We've got a flood!

"Dude, I'm getting soaked! Glad I'm not the clean-up crew," said a student in recent video. 

The student center at Brigham Young University in Rexburg, Idaho was flooded after a downpour of rain and hail fell on the campus.

"This is like millions of dollars of damage," said the student in the footage as water gushed like a waterfall in the garage.

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The student continued, "Dude, this is going to be all over Facebook, you know it."

Even the study rooms were submerged in water.

"The trash cans are floating around," continued the student.  

In this age of social media, the video and photos were immediately posted online.

One female student exclaimed in the video, "It is flooding so badly right now! It's ridiculous."

One man used a kayak to get around. Campus apartments were also flooded after the 45-minute deluge and students made their way in waist-deep water.

Everyone banded together to clean up, forming a bucket brigade.