Last Moments On Board Malaysian Flight 17, On Video!

Video claiming to show the final moments of Malaysian Flight 17 has surfaced, as the world looks for answers to who's responsible for shooting down the passenger plane. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Startling new video has surfaced, claiming to show the final moments before doomed Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 took off from Amsterdam. 

In the video, a passenger can be seen stuffing his backpack into the overhead compartment.

A flight attendant can also be heard giving final instructions to passengers, stating, "We are in the final stages of our boarding and cargo loading. Once again, do ensure your phones are also off for the flight."

A passenger reportedly recorded the 13 second video and posted it on Instagram, with this grim message: "In the name of God...feeling a little bit nervous."

Video shows the still-smouldering wreckage today. An "I Love Amsterdam" t-shirt can be seen in the scattered luggage, along with a child's stuffed toy monkey.

Worldwide anger is growing over the loss of 298 innocent people.

"Murder at 33,000 Feet" says one headline.

"Putin's War" says another.

Fingers are pointed at Russian leader Vladimir Putin because pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine are suspected in the missile attack.

President Obama said at a press conference, "Evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile."

President Obama told reporters that he wants the full truth, stating: "We don't have time for propaganda. We don't have time for games. We need to know exactly what happened and everybody needs to make sure that we're holding accountable those who committed this outrage."

Senator John McCain said this on MSNBC, "I think there's going to be Hell to pay, and there should be."

There's now worry that the black boxes that may help solve the mystery of what happened are in the hands of the same pro-Russians suspected in the attack.

Keir Simmons reported on the Today show, "We're now hearing that those black boxes have been recovered, but that they may well be in the hands of those pro-Russian separatists who, it's reported, are proposing perhaps to send them to Moscow."

The Ukranian government released a recorded phone call that purported to be pro-Russian separatists speaking moments after the attack. They realize they've made a historic blunder.

"We are 100% sure that it was a civilian plane," says one.

"Are there any weapons?" asks another.

"Nothing at all," is the reply.

With the Russian-made missile system that U.S. officials believe brought down the plane, a missile would take less than 30 seconds to reach 33,000 feet.

Missile expert Bruce MacDonald says the 298 people on board had no chance. MacDonald told INSIDE EDITION, "It doesn't take very long to go from ground level up to 33,000 feet where it was. So, this is really one's worst nightmare."