How To Make The Perfect Summer Burgers. First Tip: Stay Indoors!

The best summertime burgers don’t have to be done outside on the grill. INSIDE EDITION learns how to make the best burger, indoors.  

Summer is prime time for burgers and backyard barbeques, but one hamburger expert said you have to head indoors for the perfect burger.

"This is the best way to cook a burger inside," said hamburger expert George Motz. "In fact, I think it's the only way to cook a burger inside. It's inside a flat-top griddle or skillet."

George Motz has written a book on burgers called Hamburger America.

Step one: The right pan.

"This is my great-great-great-grandmother's skillet," said Motz.

And get this, Motz has never washed the pan with detergent. He just rinses it out each time he uses it.

"Please do not wash your cast iron skillet, whatever you do!" said Motz. "A cast iron skillet is slightly porous and it retains a lot the flavor from your last meal, which then feeds into the flavor of your current meal."

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"Wait, no!" said INSIDE EDITION's April Woodward. "You have to wash it!"

"You don't," said Motz. "All you have to do it rinse it out."

Step two: Selection of the beef.  Motz said chuck is the only cut he ever uses.

"And you're not trying to choose it super lean?" asked Woodward. "You want some of the fat in there?"

"Yeah," said Motz. "The fat is flavor."

Motz said his favorite burger is the kind you eat in one of those old-fashioned roadside diners.

"This was actually designed to be cooked quickly," said Motz.

And once you have smashed it down, let it sit in the hot pan for about three minutes so that it can get a nice caramelized crust.

Today, most people seem to like the thicker, juicier burger. Motz said his old-fashioned, flattened burger is his favorite.

And now for the taste test.

"That's the best American burger I've ever had!" said Woodward.

"It is so basic," said Motz. "There is nothing in there but onions, beef, salt, and cheese."

Simplicity never tasted so good.

"Would you rather have this or a big, thick burger?" asked Motz.

"This one," said Woodward. "Mmmmmm."

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