Plus-Sized Woman's Pic 'Censored' By Instagram?

When a plus-sized woman posted a selfie in her underwear on Instagram, her account was disabled. Was she censored because of her size? INSIDE EDITION speaks to the woman.

Why has a selfie been banned from Instagram? In the photo, 19-year-old Sam Newman was wearing nothing but her favorite polka dot boy shorts and just a white bra.

The teen says after posting the image, Instagram promptly pulled the photo for "violating community guidelines."  Newman's account was also suspended.

Newman told INSIDE EDITION, "My first reaction was tears. Lots and lots of tears. I was actually just quite devastated."

Newman believed it was not her skin, but her size that bothered Instagram. After all, Instagram is loaded with photos of beautiful women who pose in barely nothing.

After news of Newman's suspension spread, Instagram reinstated her account, saying in a statement, "We are truly sorry for our mistake here. When reviewing reported content from the Instagram community, we do not always get it right and we wrongly removed an account."

Newman said she posted the photos because she was bullied through high school and wanted  everyone to know that people should be accepted no matter their size.

"It is not about glorifying obesity or promoting unhealthy lifestyles at all," said Newman. "I just wanted people to love themselves, regardless."